Run Ninja Run 3

The kids today are more addicted to play games through video and by using internet and recent developing techniques. One such easy method for playing is via online where installation for proper flash player and other software can give you access to a wide variety of games. These games come under different jounre that can suit people of all ages and keep them more excited and engaged while playing.

Click Here to play Run Ninja Run 3

Click to play Run Ninja Run 3

One such game which attracts the children today is Run Ninja Run 3 which has several versions covered up earlier. The game seems to be exciting to play with a simple moves and the complexity in the game is very much reduced. It is perfectly an action arcade game where you have to escape form the trouble keepers in order to make it to a next level. It can be played in mobile also where it must support proper hardware to run the game at ease. It is a hot new game that is available in trend today where most of the kids sought out to play for this Ninja game online. Playing the game is very simple with the help of easier moves where there is no complication in playing. It always keeps you more attached to the game keeping you concentrated in playing.

Mode of playing

It is actually an action packed adventure game that was developed by Mediameg, a private company of game portal that has developed many games. It is a premium flash game where you walk through and attack the enemies who comes on the way. The platform for this game is developed based on the inspiration from CANABALT and flood runner. The main theme of the game is the running person who is Ninja where you must jump, slide and attack at the right moment. In case you hit yourself into any disturbance it means you have failed the game and must proceed from first. The controls are very basic where the

run ninja run

  • Arrow keys can be used to jump and slide
  • Spacebar will be used to perform any attack on the enemies.
  • Hold left mouse button to activate shield
  • Right click to throw smoke bomb.

They have an excellent rating where most of the children opt to play for this game online. While playing the game you need not run but try to escape from the attackers also with the other troubles and make the running from them.

Gaming Interface

The interface of the game is very simple which can be adapted even with your mobile. While playing the game a small pop up blinks to proceed with the game and this can give you some idea about the hurdles that come forward. The Q button can change the quality of the game that you play with. The achievements, upgrades, cheats and runs will be mentioned on the window itself where you can continue the game without any issues.

run ninja run 3

The purpose of the game is to collect for the coins which can increase the lifetime for you to play the game. Because it is an action sequence the entire game along with Ninja has been designed like a stunt performer which gives you an involvement when playing with the game and makes you stay connected always. The easy to use interface in the plot of game is always wanted by most of the game lovers and they make it enjoyable while playing.


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