Run Ninja Run 1

With the increasing growth of technology and other supportive devices the world of gaming has taken up a giant leap which has varied browser settings and is capable to adapt almost all of the hardware.

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The arcade of games is being developed by numerous number of sites who meet the needs of their clients which vary from adventure, fantasy and action. One such game which comes under this sequence is Run Ninja Run 1, the initial version of the ninja fighters that comes under an exciting plot with running. Chasing and fighting with the enemies. When you are done then you will reach the final destination and can upgrade to the next level. The gaming is very simple where you have to only jump and slide without making any other moves. There is no complexity in playing the game where even beginners can play the game easily without any trouble.

Game Description

The ninja will be actually caught by some foes where he must make the escape as soon as possible without putting himself down. He has to run for his life in order to succeed in the game and must slide across the mountain without hitting it. He can crawl underneath the rocks and make the jump without hitting anywhere. The arrow keys are used to jump and slide where the spacebar can be used to make the fight. Because of the basic key controls the game becomes very easy and interesting to play. Performing a daring escape and making a kick to the people is the main theme of the game. The background comes with a traditional Chinese music where you would love to play the game with because of all these additional features. The main purpose of the game is to

  • Jump higher than the enemies
  • Slide across the rocks and mountains
  • Punch enemies while running
  • Survive the escape with upgrading.

ninja run 1

The entire game is only action packed where the way to proceed with the game is simple because of the pop up information that appears during the game making you to be more familiar with.

Plot of Play

They are best reviewed when compared to other games where people enjoy the game to be cool and is not much frustrating. However there are no different routes to be taken but has to follow only a single path to attack any foe. The artistic style and the fun concept are maintained at all the levels without making the players bored. One must be careful with the sliding alone without getting hit against the mountain because you may lose the game if you do so. Sliding from midair at the top of the mountain is the most interesting part of the game where you ramp up.

The background graphics and the quadruple jump will give you the best move from one place to another. There are loads of different voices when you play the game but the amount of time will be little face planted. The tutorial pop out will make the game more responsive where you can protect against the hits, keeping the game going. Though every game comes with obstacles the epicness will be well maintained in the game without disturbing the original plot. It is actually a good game where some places seem to be tightened where you will enjoy the challenge and make yourself familiar with the game.


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