Run Ninja Run Cheats

The world today has gone into the gaming arena online where there are numerous games that can attract people of different age groups today. Ninja run has gained existence because of the basic actions to play the game. The theme of the game is also very simple where you just attack your enemies and make the pass through to the final stage. However you may feel irritated when the game becomes incomplete and difficult to play. To avoid this Run Ninja Run Cheats are available that comes with cheat codes where you can enter into the game and beat it very easily. Every version of ninja comes with stylish moves with many attractive obstacles on your way where you must need new skills to perform the attack.

Run ninja run 3

Existing codes

There are different codes for each version of the game but some of the common cheat codes are being listed below. The various types of cheat menu under Run Ninja Run 2 are stated below.

  • Maximum jumps         8919

  • Maximum slide            5166

  • Maximum style             5774

  • Skip to next level          2684

  • Skip to the forest          2898

  • Skip to the caves           9156

  • Skip to the mountains  1475

Since you have to jump over many obstacles these cheat codes will be of great use to you for completing the game without any difficulty. When you wanted to gain some extra coins and upgrade to a better version then you can use the following codes.

  • EQUIP allows you to get gold

  • FFW allows you to play in fast forward mode

  • SLOW will make you to play in a slow motion mode

  • AWAY will give way to play alone without any enemies around.

To use all the cheats you must first play the initial level and when you get busted click for the switch level that comes under the upgrade menu and it will contain all the cheat codes listed which can help you to finish the game easily. You get into all the bending levels of the game easily where you must prepare yourself for the action ride and beat up all the levels.

click to play run ninja run 2

Game sequence

The concept sometimes seems to be tiring sometimes but getting through the bugs and attacking the enemies is the ultimate goal. The cheat code can help you to overcome all the obstacles when you cannot upgrade to the next level. These game cheats are just like some review to the versions where you can beat up all the levels and make the game running. Performing the escape is actually hard because when there are two or more attackers the cheat codes will help you to finish the game successfully. The hint of the game will be given through the tutorial pop ups where you can walkthrough for the cheating codes.

When you collect for more and more gold bars the game gets tougher where they can be used as upgrades and avoid the enemies. When you make numerous attempts to precede the game and move to inconsistent heights then the cheat codes will be helpful to carry out the game easily. It is like puzzle solvers for your game when you cannot complete any level. Ever version of the game has different cheat codes and they take your game to the level you want. They give you proper demonstration to carry out the game and upgrade it without any issues.


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