Run Ninja Run Games

With an increasing growth of technology gaming has seem to take a greater place among the children today. They drive themselves with the game portal and play wide variety of online games that can keep them more exciting and lively. Though there are several games most of the people opt for action oriented games because it can keep them entertaining with the hits and smashes.

Such an action oriented game sequence is Run Ninja Run Games which have five different versions that was developed based on the inspiration of games like CANABALT and flood runner. Jump, slide and attack at the right moment are the basic theme of the game where you must attack the enemies who come on your way without getting yourself hit under any obstacles. You become as a ninja where with the press of arrow keys and spacebar will make you the move and slide across the mountains, reaching the destined point neatly.

Run Ninja Run 3

Modes of game

The gaming is very simple with the use of lesser number of keys and control. It is a game of reflexes and skill where you must make possible attempts to slide through and reach the particular point. The start of the game gives you an awesome experience where

  • you can dash the edges without falling
  •  make tiny bumps into the hill but that can actually kill you
  •  slopes and catapults that can make you fly randomly
  •  Little smash that will give you the intended landing on the bridges.

Each of the version have varying plot of the game by crossing the glaciers and mountains, hitting the attackers and throwing fires upon them. The added advantage is that they have come up with cheat codes where you can finish the game easily and load up more of gold coins that can help you upgrade to a next level. The mechanics is already chaotic enough where finishing the first level and getting accustomed with is a tedious process.

Game design

The design of the game is made very simple with background music which can create a better environment to play the game and the graphics along with the visual quality is very high where it suits to the intended gameplay. The graphics are not shaggy where the controls are fully responsive, however the beginning of the game will be pretty fun and enjoyable.

run ninja run

The in game music of version 2 always stands at its best where some fine tuning can be made and the flash here comes with high quality. Every obstacle that you pass through will be of some natural pass where sometimes you may get a straight hit and lose the game. Attack can be made with the rhythm of your run where on sliding down, the speed at which you go gets increased. They have actually focused more on developing the animations and this will not disturb the game to a greater level. The controls are however are little loose where there is some random path that can be annoying while playing the game.

The tempo of the game is not missed always where you can gain practice only through trial and errors. Hitting the jump button always will sometimes make you to hit against the wall. Overcoming all these issues, this game is mostly supported by many people who find it very interesting to play because of the simplicity in its interface.


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